5 Tips for Marketing your Business Online

Technological advances have brought more avenues for businesses to advertise their wares. And, because many businesses constantly grapple with budgetary and resource limitations, they tend to have a hard time choosing the appropriate marketing strategy to adopt. Blogging is essentially free but very time-consuming and so is social media marketing. On the other hand, paid digital advertising can cost an arm and a leg. For businesses stuck in the indecision zone, these handy tips for marketing your business online can really help you choose the right strategy.


1. Social media is your best friend

Social media marketing may be hectic and even time consuming but it also is your best ally if you want to make swift inroads online. Facebook, for instance, is a very important business marketing tool and an essential component of every successful online marketing strategy. Facebook marketing can be two pronged; that is through a Facebook business page complete with regular updates and clear photos of your products and services and, through Facebook advertising.

2. Prioritize blogging

Giving your customers as well as prospects, informative content with no sales pitch can help you establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Posting such informative pieces regularly and sharing them on various social media platforms increases the chances of search engines picking up your website and ranking it highly. You get additional mileage when you embed your blog on your website because every time you add fresh content, the major search engines reciprocate by channeling traffic to the website especially if you create stellar content and share it widely.

3. Make the most of the email marketing

Email marketing offers an effective means of engaging your audience. It, however, is highly sensitive and its misuse can drive leads and prospects out of your mailing list. As such, only send out what you cannot deliver through other means and, such information should be very helpful to your subscribers. You can also increase the impact of your email marketing strategy by integrating it with other marketing strategies. For instance, you can send out information about special offers or increase the number of participants in your social media contests by using email invitations.

4. Test with small scale paid digital advertising

Marketing efforts and corresponding allocated budgets should be as targeted as possible. This is even more so for businesses dealing in products and or services that are location specific. Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads are cost effective especially when targeting terms and locations closely associated with your business.

5. Pin and Instagram your products

Businesses dealing in visual goods and or services should prioritize posting images of their products regularly on Instagram and Pinterest. Both social media platforms have massive followings that can help you drive substantial traffic back to your website. Businesses that target women who shop online should seize the opportunities that these two platforms provide because it is more than just a cliché; pictures truly speak a thousand words.

Of course, these are just a few of the many tips for marketing your business online. They, however, are the building blocks whereupon you rest the other ideas. But, just so you are certain, some other ideas you can integrate to these include listing your business on review sites, creating regular informational tutorials and exploiting other forms of content such as press releases.